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Stories are powerful. Our hearts, minds and souls grow when we journey with characters through their struggles, doubts, triumphs and happy endings. The Christian Romantic Suspense genre is my personal favorite because it tests and grows the characters’ faith in God through heart-pounding danger, and the fears and joys of sweet romance – ALWAYS leading to a happy ending.

My Texas Security Series, a Christian Romantic Suspense series, is set in—yes, you guessed it—Texas! The Lone Star State has such a full, rich history of grit and courage, it’s not too difficult to weave some of Texas’ storied past into these present day novels. Book 1 Wealth of Secrets and Book 2 Depths of Deception are now available on Amazon.

I live in College Station, Texas with my husband, our two sons and our dog, Radar.site picThe George

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