Agent Jack York series

CANDARIAN BLOOD (ONE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL is another title I’ve used for the same novel) is an adult thriller, complete at 91,487 words.

He didn’t know he had a daughter. His enemies did.

Agent Jack York is determined to thwart a planned attack on his homeland, Candaria, but when he tracks down the elusive, young girl unknowingly at the center of the plot, his world is turned upside down.

Nine year old Ava has lived her entire sheltered life in the custody of the totalitarian government of Geshek for reasons even her governess isn’t privy to. But when her governess, who is more fond of Ava than she is of the Geshek government, learns the danger Ava is in, she risks everything to reach out to the only possible source for help—Geshek’s enemy across the border, Candaria.

Jack York’s job is to protect and defend, on behalf of Candarian intelligence. And he does it very well. But as he and fellow agent Lanie Lenz track the enemy from the damp tunnels of subterranean Candaria to the snowy mountaintops of Geshek, he realizes he set the enemy’s plan in motion a decade ago—when he took a fateful chance—and slept with the enemy. Now murderous oligarchs are using the daughter he didn’t know he had to extort a devastating foothold in the country he’s sworn to protect.

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