The Star Bridge

THE STAR BRIDGE is a children’s chapter book (ages 7-9) complete at 8,763 words.

The Star Bridge Crew!  –  Main Characters At A Glance – all elementary age kids

North – Leader, thinker. Cautious, but not shy. Enjoys history and craves adventure.

Maple – Loves glitter, unicorns, anything pink and cupcakes. Enthusiastic. Very empathetic to others’  feelings. Sees the best in people.

Finn – Shares lots of ‘fun facts’ about science and history. Loves reading and the science channel.

Janie – Mature for her age. Knows everything there is to know about animals. Brave.

Rex – Acts first, thinks later. Adrenaline junkie. Risk taker. True, reliable friend.


They were pretending to travel through space in a replica of the Apollo 13 command module—some in search of adventure, others with more elaborate plans for a cupcake bakery for unicorns on Mars, but no one expected to actually be catapulted to another planet at the bequest of a funny-looking, glowing key.

The five friends crash-land, dizzy and a little nauseous, near Sea City where a young girl takes them to meet Captain Heeley, who answers all their questions and requests their help.

Captain Heeley describes the blight of the universe—the dreadful Zuggins. The Zuggins are wreaking havoc on several planets. And their attacks have escalated. They’ve invented a device that can erase all the saved progress on every video game on a planet at one time and delete every online video, except cat videos—Zuggins have a thing for cat videos.

Captain Heeley commands the Star Bridge Crews who are tasked with defending against the Zuggins. One big problem—the crews are running low on power.

Their power sources, Power Stones, are hidden all over the universe. Captain Heeley wants to recruit North and his friends to become a Star Bridge Crew and help follow clues to collect the hidden stones.

The five friends eventually accept (some confidently, some hesitantly) their first mission. Working together, they follow a list of clues to a Power Stone tucked away in a dark cave—full of sleeping bats. Some climbing, screaming and frantic running are involved, but their first mission is ultimately a success, and they’re looking forward to their next adventure!

Captain Heeley explains they can use the key to activate anything in the Star Bridge Transportation Museum to help them on their quests. Submarines, hot air balloons, racecars, steam engines, stagecoaches, and countless other vehicles, are all options.

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